Iberia Pronto® Drain Easy

Protect your hands and nails from chemicals, viruses, fungi and bacteria! Forget about back and knee pain! Do not touch the cloth with your hands anymore! Tell Chau to the floor cloth with Iberia Pronto® Drain Easy, the best way to clean your floors faster and effortlessly. Thanks to the 100% ultra-absorbent microfiber head and the new rotating head system, it allows easy and practical wringing without touching the cloth and without getting your hands dirty. You simply turn the head and the microfiber will twist on its axis to drain the liquid without having to touch the mop, water or dirt with your hands. Plus now with more microfiber that cleans better in one pass, and extendable stainless steel rope. I got a deep cleaning, more absorbent and hygienic than that offered by conventional floor cloths. Ideal for ceramic, porcelain, parquet, floating floors, etc.

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